Effective Barbershop And Salon Marketing Ideas

Effective Barbershop And Salon Marketing Ideas

You're a hairdresser...or a barber...or a beautician.

You've studied your craft, and you know how to make people look and feel fantastic BUT do you know how to get them through your doors in the first place?

When you are running your own business, your salon or your barbershop marketing is key to getting customers coming to you. But promoting products and services is not necessarily your forte. After all people spend years studying marketing and advertising.

Fear not though, this guide to marketing your salon or barbershop will give you plenty of ideas.

Importance of Marketing your Salon

Marketing your salon or barbershop is vital; it is a highly competitive area. However, marketing will not compensate for areas of lack in your business.

Having a great-looking, well-designed salon, a great name, quality furniture and fittings and, of course providing excellent service are key to retaining customers and word of mouth is THE best form of marketing that you can get.

Digital Presence

Getting your name out there and making sure that when people think of getting a haircut, a shave or a beauty treatment they think of you and your business means creating a strong digital presence.

The more of the following you can do the better.

Social Media

Picking a couple of social media platforms where your ideal customers hang out and posting consistently is better than trying the 'spray and pray' method where you are trying to do too much on too many platforms.

For the hair and beauty industries you are probably going to find that Instagram and Facebook are where your dream customers spend most of their online time. Your posts should include social proof like reviews and testimonials, reposts of pictures your customers have posted, and before and after pictures.

You should also give value; that is giving tips of the trade and advertising special offers like loyalty schemes.

YouTube and TikTok are also great to showcase your work and create 'How-To' videos which are always popular and a good opportunity to provide value and demonstrate your expertise.

Website with Local SEO

Your website doesn't need to be an all singing all dancing affair. But including keywords about your area including local landmarks will help to boost your SEO, that is your Search Engine Optimisation i.e. how near to the top of the search engine results page you'll be if someone searches for 'hairdresser in [insert your town here]'.

Including a blog on your website is another excellent way to market your business, showcase your skills and boost your SEO. You can also post your blogs on your social media accounts.

Offline Tactics

These tips will help you bring in new customers and retain them.


Promotions such as offering one of your services in the form of a salon gift card as a prize in a competition are a great way to get your business known. Schools and local charities are often looking for prizes for their fundraising raffles for example.

If you offer group bookings such as birthday parties, hen-dos or wedding packages you can also include a giveaway as an incentive for booking one of these. Perhaps a free haircut on their next birthday or anniversary.

Loyalty Programs

Using loyalty cards which offer a free haircut or treatment after paying for a certain number are a hugely popular way that businesses of all sorts retain customers.

Referral schemes also work well. By offering a free treatment or a salon gift card for a set value for every customer they refer you tick the boxes for both retaining customers and getting new ones in the door.

How We Can Help

Whatever stage you are at, whether you are thinking about starting your own salon or barbershop business or whether you are looking to boost your current business and increase your customer base we can help.

At Concept Salon Furniture we have been working with salons and barbershops for over 30 years and love sharing our expertise with you so check out the rest of our blog posts or if you are in setting up or revamping your salon take a look at our latest special offers.