How to Choose a Great Name For Your Salon

How to Choose a Great Name For Your Salon

One of the most important decisions you have to make when starting a salon business is choosing the name.

It is not a decision to be taken lightly. Making the wrong choice can turn out to be a costly mistake.

This article goes through many of the key points to consider when choosing and thinking of salon name ideas for your hairdressing business, beauty salon, barbershop, or nail salon.

Importance of a Good Salon Name

A good salon name will help make your salon memorable. It's no good giving a great service if when the customer goes to tell their friends or shout about you on social media they can't remember the name.

The same goes for making it easy to pronounce and not overly long ‐ think about big brands in your (or any other industry) they are rarely more than 3 words.

A good salon name will also be simple. You might want to create a funny pun for your name but this can be risky. A funny name will only work if it will relate to your target audience and if it doesn't come at the cost of not adequately explaining what you do or confusing people.

Many people choose to use their own name for their salon. For women, in case of a surname change at some point including your surname is to be avoided.

Also, avoid if you think you may be taking on staff or business partners at some point ‐ say if your business grows and you are a hairdresser but can take on a nail technician.

What to Consider When Choosing a Salon Name

Your Specialty/Trade Craft

Although you might want to specify exactly what you do in your salon name it is worth considering that you might branch out at some point and so more than your salon name says ‐ this could mean a costly rename and rebrand later down the line.


Having a local landmark in your name or using the street, postcode or town name is a great way to drive local business especially when people are looking for a local salon online. However, it is only worth doing this if you are sure you won't be relocating. Calling it 'Smith Street Salon' only to move to Jones Street in a couple of years will mean you'll likely have to change it and your website, marketing materials, re‐register etc. ‐ it's an expensive and long‐winded change.


Considering your target audience and the words and phrases they use is key and can give you some good starting points for thinking about names. Make sure you avoid phrases that might only have a short lifespan though ‐ as you want your salon name to have longevity. Test your potential names on people in your target audience as well as family and friends.


Check your local business directory for other people offering similar services in your town and county and what their salon names or beauty business names are. Make sure yours is not similar to any of theirs. Also, check for domain name availability and whether names you are considering have been trademarked.


We hope that these do's and don'ts when to comes to naming your salon or beauty business have been helpful.

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