VAT Free Explained


VAT Free discount does not apply to delivery charges.

How does it work?

A VAT Free offer means we offer a discount on eligible items that is the equivalent of VAT free. To comply with the law, you will still be charged VAT but for VAT Free items the discount you receive is as if we had not charged it. Even though we display the VAT on your order the total amount you pay is the pre-VAT total.

For Example:

If you order an item costing £100 (ex. VAT) the total you would normally pay is £120 (inc. VAT). When we are running a VAT Free promotion on the item, we discount the price of the item to £83.33 (ex. VAT). Therefore when we add the VAT, the total you pay is £100 which would be the original price excluding VAT.

Terms & Conditions

VAT Free cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer unless stated.

VAT Free can only be given once per transaction. All prices are exclusive of VAT. VAT registered customers can claim back VAT detailed on the invoice cost. We reserve the right to withdraw any offers without prior notice. Other exclusions may apply.