Top 5 Reception Desk Ideas For Your Salon

Top 5 Reception Desk Ideas For Your Salon

We all know first impressions count. This is why in any customer facing business a reception desk is key to setting the tone and the overall customer experience. This is even more vital in the hair and beauty industry where people come for more than just a service, they come for an experience.

This article will help you understand why getting the right reception desk is so important, think about the different styles of salon reception desks that are available, and give you some reception desk ideas including ways you can customise your reception desk to suit your style, brand, and budget.

Importance of a Salon Reception Desk

Research shows that people make lasting judgments in 7 seconds. With some ideas being formed in less than 1 second. The first thing customers will see or experience is your reception desk so use that to your advantage.

Often the first experience of a business and reception is during the booking process so first of all ensure that the reception area and bookings system is clutter-free, and both easy and pleasant to work in. Someone taking bookings in an area that is tidy, comfortable to work in, and user-friendly will automatically come across as more professional and welcoming.

Once you have a customer through the door they will be making judgments on style, aesthetics, and comfort as well as customer service both in the first and last few seconds of their visit.

Seeing the reception desk as the heart of your salon will improve customer satisfaction and help create loyal clients who will enjoy telling others about their experience and will keep coming back again and again.

Types of Salon Reception Desks

Macy Desk

Perfect for a small salon with a width of only 115cm. This compact reception desk has a shelf to help hide clutter and cupboard space too. Available in a variety of finishes and colours.

Savoy Desk

A medium-sized reception desk with all the drawer and cupboard space you need to keep your reception space clear and clutter-free. The rounded edges of this oval shape are friendly and welcoming.


At 110 x 86 x 145 cm, this is a great choice for larger salons. This reception desk exudes understated luxury with LED lighting for ambiance and with a wood veneer finish.


The shaped recess on the reception desk is a nice touch and the overall style and angles make it an excellent choice for rustic style salons in particular.


Ideal for any corner space as it comes in a variety of different sizes and finishes. This reception desk has lots of open shelving to keep the space tidy while ensuring everything is easily visible and accessible to staff.

Design Features and Customisation

Many reception desks have several options when it comes to size and finish. There are also sometimes customisable options regarding inbuilt signage.

Think about which style is going to aesthetically suit your salon as well as the size of reception desk that you need.

Cabling access and whether you want visible storage underneath such as shelving and alcoves or whether cupboards with doors and drawers are a better option for client confidentiality and to help hide clutter away.

After-Sale Services and Installation

At Concept Furniture Design our team want to give you the best experience possible so that you can give your customers their best experiences too. With our pre-purchase advice and excellent customer service we know you'll be happy through the whole process of buying or leasing your reception desk.

For expert advice on all aspects of salon furniture design including manufacture and supply get in touch with us or browse our online showroom. See how we can help you to ensure your salon makes that all-important great first impression.