Top 10 Decor Ideas For Small Salons

Top 10 Decor Ideas For Small Salons

Salon decor is key for customer experience. But many salon owners and start-ups get stuck when it comes to hair salon design when space is limited.

There are, however, plenty of trade tips to getting your small salon decor just right for your target customers and creating the desired atmosphere.

The key to getting the perfect salon interior is to balance functionality with style and this is possible whatever size space you've got. The design of small salons does take a bit more planning than a larger space but with the right storage solutions, furniture and fittings you can get the perfect salon for your business.

Salon Design for Small Spaces


Once you have a set budget in mind and have measured your space the next step in planning your small salon is to decide on a theme before you decide on the big purchases. These will be your fixtures and fittings: backwash units, driers and processors, chairs, and storage for example. Finally, you can add your decorative touches in keeping with your theme.


No matter what size salon you are working with, you have to get the basics right. Ensuring adequate heating, lighting, ventilation, room to work plus additional but important aspects of functionality such as water pressure all add up to make your salon professional and create a great customer experience. Fixtures and fittings should be chosen for their functionality as well as their look.


Online scheduling and payment software and apps can reduce or eliminate the need for a reception and/or waiting area. This can be a very useful space saver for all small salons. It can also be a requirement in home-based or mobile salons.

Brand cohesiveness

No matter how small your business and your salon are, branding is key. Branding is about your business's personality, from who you serve and what you do, to how your business shows its face to existing and potential customers. If you use a logo, slogan, or tagline and specific colours on your website or social media, or your uniform they should be visible throughout your salon.

Small Salon Design Ideas

Reception Area Design

Studies show that people make many judgements about people and places within the first 7 seconds. Use your reception area to make that first impression a good one. Comfort, cleanliness, and a warm welcome are key to creating a positive customer experience.

Workspace Design

Using mirrors is a great way to make your small salon appear much larger. There is also a range of salon furniture and fittings that have space-saving features. In a small space staying clutter-free is even more important so be sure to invest in functional storage.

Salon Types Ideas For Small Spaces

Mobile Salon

With salon rental prices so high a cheaper alternative is a mobile salon. Perfect for customers with time constraints you come to them but they still get the full salon experience. A converted van or a camper van can be made to look beautiful and has everything you need. This option also opens you up to working the festival circuit and can be a great option for parties and weddings.

Home Salon

For many hairdressers, beauticians, others in the beauty and wellbeing industry having a home salon is a low-cost way to run your business. If you have a spare room you can turn it into a salon relatively simply. Things to think about are how it will affect your family and ensuring that the route to your salon room is kept clean tidy and professional-looking. You will also need to ensure you have the right utilities in place - for wash units, driers, and processors.

Industrial Hair Salon

The industrial style is all about that unfinished, raw look and is on-trend for salons with the non-gender-specific and younger customer persona. Exposed brickwork, wires, and pipes pair well with vintage-style furniture and fittings especially stainless steel and black. Black and white photography is the perfect finishing touch for the industrial hair salon.

Scandinavian Hair Salon

Minimalist, clean, and sleek is Scandinavian style and sustainability is Scandinavian attitude. This style is not a fad. Think white walls paired with wooden furniture and fittings that will last through the years. Finish the look with and natural elements like plants and stones to help create a peaceful atmosphere. Perfectly suited to a variety of target customers

Rustic Hair Salon

A focus on organic materials, rough unpolished edges. Vintage, antique, and shabby chic styles could be incorporated into rustic style as could be a surf style beach look or a country barn aesthetic. The wide spectrum of looks within this style can be honed to suit a variety of target customers and localities.

Minimalist Salon

Ultra-clean lines, muted colours, and simple designs create a peaceful and modern-looking salon. This can be a great choice for a small salon as the lack of clutter and unnecessary furniture and fittings help you maximise the space. Storage that melts into the background, such as white on white works well. Very little if any extra decor is part of the minimalist look though a small plant or two can add a splash of colour and texture.

Instagrammable Interior

Every small business relies on social media for some free advertising so make sure you create an area where your happy customers can share their new style with the world. Consider some wall art, a print, wall sticker, or signage. Have a reminder nearby of your business's social media pages and brand hashtag and encourage them to get sharing.

No matter the size of your salon we have many options to suit a range of budgets and styles. Please get in touch with us at Concept Salon Furniture to speak with one of our experts to see how we can help you today.