The Best Salon Waiting Area Designs

The Best Salon Waiting Area Designs

No matter what size your salon you need to prioritise a waiting area.

Customers won't return if you keep them waiting in the cold.

Salon waiting areas are also a great opportunity to make that all-important first impression a positive one and promote your hair or beauty salon services and products.

Consideration for a Salon Reception Area


There are a few key items of salon furniture you should consider for your beauty or hair salon. These are:

  • Salon reception desks. Keep your waiting area close to the reception, you don't want your customers to have to walk through the salon to wait.
  • Waiting seats. Comfortable seating is a must, remember your customers' experience begins the minute they enter your salon, not just when they are receiving their treatment.
  • Shelving for products. Displaying the products that you offer for sale in the waiting area in a way that enables your customers to, while they have time on their hands, have a good look and read about the products you offer will help make sales.


Make the most of any natural light that you have coming into your hair or beauty salon. Use mirrors to bounce the light around and consider adding lamps and furniture with lighting to make sure your salon is light and uplifting rather than dark and dismal.


Whatever your salon style ensure that this carries through into your waiting area. If your salon is minimalist make sure your waiting area has clean lines and classy simplicity; think white furniture with splashes of colour from plants and artwork.

If you've gone for a rustic look think about adding natural fabrics and other materials such as driftwood frames and pictures of natural scenes.

Inspirational Ideas for your Salon Reception Area

Wall Art

A unique and beautiful piece of art for your customers to enjoy needn't cost a fortune.

You might want to run a competition the winner has their wall art in pride of place and perhaps get a free treatment. Or you could approach a local college and ask art students to create a bespoke piece for you. If you have an artistically inclined friend you could ask them to use their knowledge of you to some wall art as a birthday or Christmas gift.


Remember that beautiful, memorable and comfortable does not equal cluttered.

Keep the waiting space free of clutter and excess items by utilising storage solutions.

Selfie Spot

The cheapest form of advertising is through social media. Creating an Instagrammable spot in your waiting area is an easy way to encourage your customers to do the advertising for you. If your salon is near a local landmark consider incorporating that into your selfie zone. You can turn your wall art into the perfect spot for selfies too and don't forget to have your unique hashtags prominently displayed!

First Steps

The first thing on your to-do list when it comes to designing and planning your salon waiting area is to look at furniture options as these are likely to be (and should be) the area of most investment. Take a look at our range of salon reception furniture here.