Mirror Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Salon

Mirror Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Salon

Salon mirrors are one of the most important aspects of your salon design that will help ensure your customers come back again and again.

In a hair salon mirrors are where the magic happens. Your customers see their transformation right before their eyes so choosing the right mirror is essential.

In this article, we explain why mirrors are so important and give you some design ideas that will help you choose the perfect mirrors for your salon.

Importance of Salon Mirrors

The mirrors in your salon or barbershop are primarily so that your customers can see themselves and the 'new them' that your stylists create while they are in the chair. But this piece of salon furniture adds so much more. Your mirrors should be chosen to compliment your overall style, think ornamental frames for a glamorous theme, or simple, backlit thinner frames for a more minimalist style.

Mirrors also help keep your salon light and bright by reflecting both natural and artificial lighting. However, this needs to be a consideration when placing your mirrors as you don't want any uncomfortably bright reflections to ruin your customer's experience.

For your clients too, mirrors give them the opportunity to have a look around. Bear in mind that not everyone is comfortable just looking at themselves for an extended period and in some cases they are sitting there for a long time so having something else to look at is important. Think about the positioning of plants or artwork for example.

Salon Mirror Design Tips

  • Larger sized mirrors can give the illusion of space in a smaller salon.
  • If your salon is full of straight lines and sharp edges, think about softening them with the inclusion of some round mirrors.
  • Consider adding a mirror in your reception or foyer area this way your customer gets the full effect of their 'before and after' as they arrive and leave.
  • Think about the height of your customers and ensure that the size and placement of your mirrors caters for all without chopping off heads!

Salon Mirror Designs for Your Salon

Many mirrors and accompanying styling stations come with extra options when it comes to LED lighting and power outlets as well as a range of colours and finishes.

Alvis Dio

Sleek two‐position styling station with one large single plane mirror with a thin, unobtrusive frame making it perfect for small salons as it will create an illusion of space. It is backlit so provides excellent lighting and features both power outlets and storage cabinets.


Available as a one or two position unit and with or without storage this unit is versatile. The diagonal lines that slice the mirror give it a geometric modern twist that is perfect for a modern salon with an edgy style.


Available in a range of some of the brightest colours you'll see in a mirror unit this is modern and fun. With built‐in lighting panels down both sides, this mirror will give your customers a movie star experience.


Add a touch of class and luxury with this two‐position mirror and styling station. Clients sit opposite each other to really make the most of your space perfect for a central position in your salon.


Create contrast and soften the straight and sharp lines in the rest of your salon, including the gloriously chunky, styling unit that accompanies this beautiful, single position round mirror.

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