Level Up Your Barbershop By Adding These Services

Level Up Your Barbershop By Adding These Services

You want your barbershop to stand out from the crowd.

You want to offer your customers something special, something that is more than the standard barber shop services found on any high street.

This means you will have to offer extra services and more luxury services than the traditional and classic shampoo, cuts, styles and shaves.

As a professional barber, you might already be making sure you are offering and well trained in the latest styles of cuts and fades, you might already offer high quality braiding. You might even be offering your customers a straight razor shave but here are some extra additions you can make to really level up your barbershop.

Beard & Moustache Grooming To Waxing Services

On top of offering straight razor shaves you might want to consider offering moustache and beard grooming and waxing as well.

Many men prefer waxing as it removes the root helping to avoid a stubbly look for longer. It can also allow for excellent precision when it comes to styling beards and moustaches. If you offer waxing in your barbershop it also means you can consider eyebrow waxing and shaping too.

Facial hair grooming including beard trimming, oiling, waxing, shaping and styling all add a luxurious and lucrative element to your barber services.

Scalp Treatment Services

Providing hot towel scalp massage and massage of the scalp using invigorating oils such as essential oils can help turn a trip to the barbers into a luxurious, relaxing experience.

Scalp treatments like these can help to encourage hair growth too, and so are often a very popular addition to barber shops.

Hair Colouring Services

By offering hair colouring services you open up your business to a whole new client base. It doesn't require much extra equipment or training and is a great addition to any barber shop.

Massage Services

For a complete luxury service you can even consider adding Indian head massage in addition to your regular scalp massages. This is a holistic massage treatment that relieves stress and is said to reduce headaches and other problems through acupressure as well as promote hair growth.

Facial Services

Beauty treatments are for men too! Scrubs, peels, steams, masks and other facial treatments using high quality products can help your customers feel relaxed as well as providing skin care that will deep cleanse to prevent spots and breakouts, soothe skin suffering from razor burn or that is damaged by the sun and help skin to look younger and more vital.

Level Up The Furniture As Well

Offering additional services not only brings in more customers but more luxurious barbering services can be offered at higher prices so your customers get better service than at many barber shops and you earn more money. Everyone wins.

However, it's important when you start offering high end services that your barber shop looks high end too. This might mean it is time for a furniture upgrade too.

Browse our quality barbershop furniture online or at our showroom and don't let your old furniture let you down.