Barbershop And Salon Furniture Design Ideas For 2023

Barbershop And Salon Furniture Design Ideas For 2023

Opening or refurbishing a beauty salon or barbershop in 2023 presents a few challenges.

The first is the difficult financial market in the UK currently; we are all having to keep a closer eye on our spending. The second is the saturated market, there is a lot of competition out there.

We understand these difficulties and will show you in this article how to ensure that your barbershop or salon interior stands out from the crowd with some low-budget but on-trend design ideas.

Aspects of Interior Design

Reception Area

First impressions last and your reception area needs to make the right one. Comfortable seating that looks good and is well maintained and a reception desk with plenty of storage so that you can hide away clutter is key to the design of your reception area.

A large mirror is also a good idea for your reception area to act as a before/after reminder to your customers.

The reception area is also a great opportunity to demonstrate that you are on-trend for 2023. This means allusions to nature and the environment and to inclusivity; think of organic materials and natural or ethnic patterns.

Salon Area

Ergonomically designed and easily adjustable salon furniture is what customers (and staff) are going to be looking to experience in 2023.

Clean lines and limited fuss are still popular and ensure your salon is easy to keep clean, this is a priority for customers following the pandemic.

Barbershop area

From an interior design point of view, dark palettes especially natural blues and greys like a stormy sky are going to be a hot look for this year.

Making the most of natural light with the great placement of barbershop mirrors accentuates this aesthetic.

Tips for Selecting Salon Furniture

  • Don't be tempted to scrimp on salon furniture; yes it's a big if not the biggest drain on your budget when refurbing or setting up your barbershop or salon but it's also the most important.
  • Do consider hiring your barbershop equipment or salon furniture.
  • Don't choose style over substance. Your customers aren't going to care how good it looks if it's uncomfortable.
  • Do always opt for a reputable and experienced salon furniture business when purchasing or hiring your salon or barbershop furniture.

Creative Ideas to Get You Started

Opting for timeless classic styles of barbershop or salon furniture means that you can create the rest of your salon look easily and cheaply.

Small areas of statement wallpaper with sea, sky or landscape images, using natural fabrics for wall hangings, and materials such as rattan and real plants are all ways to bring in 2023's key aesthetics without busting the bank.

Don't forget to add a highly photogenic nook or small area that just cries out for those post-haircut or treatment selfies.

Where to Shop for Salon or Barbershop Furniture?

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We've been in the business for decades and have a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation, we've helped our customers through tough financial times before, and we're sure we will again.

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