7 Inspirational Barbershop Design Ideas

7 Inspirational Barbershop Design Ideas

The design and aesthetics of your barbershop interior decor and exterior look showcase your style and your brand.

As well as the signage, paint and decorations like art work and plants it is also important to consider the fittings and furnishings such as your barbershop or hair salon chairs, barber units, barber mirrors as part of your wider aesthetic, style and brand.

For example if your ideal customer is bearded men in the 30+ bracket then vintage style with accompanying vintage barbershop chairs should be part of your overall look.

Barbershop Designs

It is not just a haircut, style or beard trim and style that people are buying when they come into your hair salon or barbershop. They are paying for the complete experience. They want to feel looked after, pampered. It is precious 'me time'.

Part of creating that feeling is in the aesthetics.


In simple terms this means sticking to a theme across all aspects of your barbershop design from your website if you have one, your social media, your flyers or business cards, your signage, and your decor. Stick to the same colours, fonts, and style. This becomes your brand.

Furnishing styles

Ensure that your furnishing and fittings match your brand. If you want a luxurious theme then pick the right barbershop furniture and fittings to create a luxurious feel. If your style is vintage don't buy or hire modern style barber shop chairs. Similarly rustic wooden barber units and mirrors will not suit an industrial theme.


Pick colours that reflect the energy of your barbershop. Bright colours are best for high energy and a younger clientele. Black and silver is a modern classic and deep, rich reds, greens and browns work well for vintage and antique styles.


Perhaps the most classic and iconic barbershop flooring is the black and white checkerboard floor. This might work for your style if it is a more traditional barbershop. But don't be afraid to keep your style and brand right down to the flooring. Plain floorboards might suit your style or a bright resin or laminate floor.

Decor style

Although your decor and style is important for overall customer experience and branding it is also important to ensure that you don't substitute style for comfort and practicality. This means ensuring you have room to work safely and comfortably, that there is adequate storage and that your customers have an all‐round positive experience.

Waiting area

Don't forget the waiting area when it comes to decor. This is where you may get walk‐ins so starting their experience in a positive way is a great start. It might also be a good place for a selfie area complete with your business logo depending on your customer type.

Lighting and aesthetics

Ensure the lighting is good enough for you to do your work well and that it is flattering for your clients. Natural light is best but can be enhanced with lit mirrors and barbershop units as well as lamps and overhead lighting. There is a wide variety of light fitting styles to suit your brand.

Final Thoughts

Fitting out your barbershop or refurbing it can be costly. It's a good idea to plan and design around the bigger more costly purchases or rentals first. At Concept Salon Furniture we have a huge range of barbershop and salon furniture and fittings to suit any budget and any style. Feel free to browse our online showroom and get in touch if you require further advice.