10 Tips For Nail Desk Organisation

10 Tips For Nail Desk Organisation

Having a well-organised nail desk ensures you can find your tools and equipment easily and keep your nail station clean and hygienic, but it also makes your salon space look nicer for your customers. It makes you look more professional which will help to give your customers confidence in your abilities and it will help you to feel more professional too.

Also, let's face it time is money. So you want to be spending as little time as possible cleaning up between clients so you can limit gaps and optimise your working day.

1. Clearing the Clutter

Having plenty of storage around your desktop will help you to be able to quickly and easily clear clutter as you go rather than having to do a big clean up between clients.

2. Invest in Proper Storage

If you scrimp on storage you are just going to make a rod for your own back. Proper storage so that everything can have its (well labelled) place saves you time and energy and means that your equipment and tools stays in better condition because it is safely stored.

When purchasing your nail salon furniture think about:

  • A salon desk with drawers.
  • Separate storage units with drawers and wheels so you can position them exactly where they need to be.
  • In-drawer organisers; clear plastic is great as it's easy to see everything and easy to keep clean.
  • Label everything so that you can find it all easily and quickly both during your appointments and when you are tidying up.

3. Prioritise Essentials

You should consider only having the bare essential tools and equipment out on the desk. These are the things that you use for EVERY appointment. Anything else should be put away, even if you have a 'to sort later' drawer to get things out of the way quickly. You can simply empty that drawer putting everything in its correct place at the end of the day all in one go.

4. Implement a Routine

Getting into a routine of organising, tidying and cleaning as you go will help build good habits that will save you time and contribute to the success of your salon. Diary time for working on your salon and nail desk organisation.

5. Minimise Distractions

This is not an office desk - it is a work station. Distractions, in other words anything that is not essential to your current appointment, will hinder your productivity and cost you money.

6. Sanitise and Clean Regularly

For your health and safety as well as that of your customers' you need to clean and sanitise effectively between each client. Keep your cleaning items within easy reach but out of sight and clear your tools and equipment as you go so you only have to give everything a wipe down between appointments.

7. Use Space Efficiently

Consider ways that you can use your space most effectively. Use drawer organisers and think about how you want to store and organise your tools, nail products, polishes, stickers, brushes and other equipment. Will you put things in size order, will you colour code them? Use a system that works for you.

8. Stay Updated and Adapt

Your nail salon and nail desk organisation should look great and on-brand. It pays to keep up with the latest trends in this regard. If having shelves with your brightly coloured polishes is what's hot this year, a completely minimalist look with everything hidden out of sight might be the way to go next year.

9. Seek Feedback Improvement

Ask your nail technician colleagues, friends, or regular clients what they think about your nail desk organisation. It's also a good idea to join groups or follow other nail technicians on social media to share tips, ideas and get that all important feedback.

10. Continuous Improvement

Desk and salon organisation is just like any of the other skills and practices that you need to run your salon effectively; it is not a 'once and done' thing. Instead you can be always learning, always looking for better ways to improve your salon and nail desk organisation.


We hope that these tips will help you to understand the importance of prioritizing nail desk organisation and that it helps you to achieve great success in your salon business.