10 Salon Storage Ideas To Streamline Your Workflow

10 Salon Storage Ideas To Streamline Your Workflow

'A place for everything and everything in its place' these words of wisdom from Benjamin Franklin when applied to your beauty salon with the best storage solutions will help you keep organised, sell salon products, and maintain the salon's aesthetic.

This is why salon storage is one of the most important aspects of salon organisation. It can help you to maximise your profits by increasing the enjoyment of your customers' salon experience to keep them coming back to you again and again and by streamlining your workflow, allow you less time in-between clients and will better highlight the products you sell too.

1. Clear Out the Clutter

Don't be afraid to let things go. Your salon is not for hoarding. You can use the Mari Kondo method and look objectively at each item in your salon; if it doesn't spark joy (and if it is non-essential, so this doesn't apply to your accounting books!) then out it goes.

Old tools, products and supplies, towels, accessories, equipment and even furniture need to go to make room for the new (or to just make room).

2. Utilise Wall Space

Vertical wall-based storage solutions such as wall-mounted shelves and display cabinets are a great way to maximise space, advertise products that your clients can purchase, and help keep your salon well organised and neat.

3. Multi-Functional Furniture

Some of the best storage space options, especially, when space is limited, and when you are going to require multiple tools, products and pieces of equipment during clients' appointments are storage trolleys and mobile storage units. This is because you want these items to be easily accessible, so you don't have to either have everything out at once - cluttering up your workspace or to keep getting up.

4. Electric Cord Organising

Invest in an organiser for your electrical cords to save you time unravelling and untangling the cords for all your different devices and tools.

5. Colour-Coded Storage

Consider storing your equipment and products using a colour coding system to help you organise your salon space. This method provides a quick and easy way to help you locate what you need using a clear visual clue.

6. Labelling Systems

Labelling everything can and should be done in a way that is 'on brand'. Having everything labelled clearly means that you and any other staff can find everything easily. Having it all labelled in a style that suits your salon aesthetic adds to your customers experience too. You can consider:

  • Printed labels - you can design and print them yourself easily on a computer using Canva or another design app.
  • Chalk board labels - these can be edited and rewritten as required using chalk pens.
  • Book plate labels - inserts can be removed, changed and rewritten either in your own hand or printed out in your chosen font.

Another top tip when it comes to labelling is to remember to label the plugs or power cords of your electrical equipment to help keep wires and electrical items neat and tidy too.

7. Drawer Dividers and Organisers

Drawer dividers are a must have space saver in salons. You could say they are the Queen of beauty salon storage ideas because so many of the tools, and products that you use will be small; small pots, small brushes, small sponges or pens, staplers, paper clips in your reception desk. Dividers help to keep these things visible, especially if you use clear plastic dividers. These have the added bonus of being easy to clean and sanitise.

8. Stylish Storage Solutions

Don't forget that when choosing your storage trolleys, shelves and other furniture to help you save space and keep your hair salon, beauty salon, or nail salon well organised you should always consider the overall 'look' of your business. Consider colour schemes, whether it is modern or vintage or any other style you have gone for. These storage items should not be incongruous - they should work with the theme.

9. Utilising Behind-the-Mirror Storage

Combining uses is always an excellent way to save space, so purchasing mirrors with in-built storage is a great way to do just that. Both wall-mounted mirrors and free-standing mirrors are available with storage included.

10. Regular Maintenance

Well organised tidy salons are easier to clean and maintain which is better for you, your business and your customers. Consider scheduling time each day, week and month for general cleaning and tidying, deeper cleans and maintenance checks.


Keeping your salon organised, clutter free by utilising the storage tips included in this article you are helping yourself.