Maxim Chair

Authentic Edition

    • Brand: Takara Belmont
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    360° (lockable) rotation
    full backwash recline with synchronised extending (heated) legrest (rollout or full-flat)
    adjustable integrated headrest
    lumber support
    upholstered armrests
    2 or 4 point massage
    height-adjustable seat
    gown-rods concealed in armrest trim
    fully-motorised chair and scissor-arm base: armrest control pad on both sides with 2 programmable presets, auto-return and legrest heater
    foot-controls at the rear for incremental chair adjustment and rotation lock


    Male Grooming Salons, Barbershops, Styling Salons, Hotels, VIP rooms and Beauty Spas & Salons.

    There are several discerning establishments in the world which are obliged to offer only their very best to their esteemed clients - and there is one chair for that purpose. Maxim has been designed to deliver extreme comfort and perform a distinguished array of client services with ease and panache for the client's uninterrupted pleasure.

    Uncompromising in every function and detail, Maxim is the ultimate offering of extravagance in any single, luxury motorised chair.

    DIMENSIONS (mm) & WEIGHT (kg)

    Height: 930
    Width: 742
    Depth: 1050 - (1485 Reclined)
    Initial Seat Height: 475
    Stroke: 280
    Weight: 165

    Power (Rated Voltage, Rated Frequency, Rated Current Consumption): AC230V, 7A


    Authentic Edition

    (£8580.00) (7293.00)

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