Barber Chair vs. Salon Chair - What's The Difference?

Barber Chair vs. Salon Chair - What's The Difference?

The differences between salon chairs and barber chairs come down to more than just aesthetics. There are large differences in key features and functionality too which means making the right choice for your business is of paramount importance.

Barber Chair

Barber chairs are designed with (typically) male customers in mind with short hairstyles and who may either require a clean shave or beard care during their barbershop appointments.

Salon Chair

Salon chairs are designed with (typically) female customers in mind. A wide range of hair lengths including long hair need to be easily accessible to the stylist and they need to be comfortable enough to sit for the long periods required for some hair treatments.

Differences Between A Barber Chair & Salon Chair

Comfort & Design

Barber chairs along with most other barber furniture are likely to have a more masculine look as that is the target customer. They must be able to make customers feel comfortable although as barbershop appointments tend to be shorter than many hair salon styling services the chairs with ultimate comfort in mind tend to be the salon chairs.

For stylist chairs, in what are largely women's salons, a more neutral or feminine design and colour range are common. As mentioned some hair stylist appointments take an exceedingly long time so are often designed with maximum comfort in mind.

Purpose & Functionality

A salon styling chair, especially for women's salon styling services, will commonly have a low back so that the hairdressers or salon stylists can provide hair treatments for those with longer hair as well as shorter hair.

Barber chairs on the other hand commonly have a reclining functionality and a high back including an adjustable headrest so that the customer can recline fully and put their head back to allow for beard care and for the barber to demonstrate their razor skills.

Recline & Height Adjustment

Both salon styling chairs and barber chairs usually have a good range of adjustable heights via a heavy-duty hydraulic pump to ensure the barber or hairdresser can work at a comfortable height whatever the height of the customer.

A salon chair is likely to have no recline feature, however, as the washing stage of the appointment uses a specific washing unit and is the only point at which the salon stylist will require the customer to be in a reclined position. For a barber chair, however, a full recline is normal to ensure the barber can access both the customer's face and hair.

Durability & Maintenance

Barber chairs are commonly more durable than salon chairs. They are also usually made of very robust and higher-quality materials. This is one of the reasons you can still get vintage and antique barber chairs. Salon chairs are often lighter weight because they have more limited additional features and simply less material. This can mean they are less durable than barber chairs.

However, the key to maximum durability of both chair types is maintenance including proper cleaning and care of mechanical parts.


Due to more functionality and the additional features of barber chairs vs. salon chairs, the former are more expensive. Cheaper barber chairs are available but often with a loss of functionality or longevity which is likely to prove a false economy.

Which Chair Should You Choose?

The chair that best suits you and your business depends on the services you offer. For barber services; shaves and haircuts a barber chair will allow you the access required.

For hair cutting and styling only and particularly where customers have long hair salon styling chairs are the more suitable option.


When shopping for salon and barbershop furniture, the important points to consider are the customers you serve, whether your business is a barber or a hairdresser, if any high-tech features are required, client comfort and the interior design of your salon or barbershop. This will help you to make the best choice for you and your business.

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